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Take your taste buds on a journey by trying spiced nuts from MV Nuts. Our whole roasted nuts are seasoned with a cocktail of sweet, spicy, and savory ingredients. This triumvirate of flavors works together to create a tantalizing treat guaranteed to please any food lover.

For your peace of mind, our snacks are FDA-approved. We also have a wholesale license from the state of Massachusetts.

Our Mission

We have made it our goal to provide consumers with quality spiced nuts.

Through our tasty snacks, we aim to pay homage to the spirit of family. We also intend to pay tribute to Martha’s Vineyard, the island that brings people together.

Our History

Our family came to Martha’s Vineyard over 65 years ago and never looked back. This island has a mesmerizing way of gathering family and friends, new and old. There is a sense of belonging that lies just below the surface of consciousness when you are happy on Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you spend the day sun soaked on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, curled up with a book and a cup of coffee, with old friends, or the dog you love, fireside, or candlelit, this island will steal your heart and never give it back! For many years we made these nuts for close family and friends, originally around the holidays or a special occasion. We found we enjoyed giving them out as much as others enjoyed receiving them! Please enjoy these nuts and the people you share them with!

Looking for a tasty afternoon snack? Come to our retail stores, and purchase our delicious spiced nuts!

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The Best Snacks On the Island

On Martha’s Vineyard, people usually eat chocolates and other sweets as snacks. We’re here to offer a healthier alternative: spiced nuts. Unlike our competitors that usually sell chopped nut mixes, we use only whole roasted nuts. This ensures a satisfying crunch.

Our nuts are an elegant alternative to raw nuts and are roasted and seasoned to perfection, the perfect snack for any occasion! You can serve them as hors d'oeuvres at your wedding reception or as tasty treats at a community gathering—the possibilities are endless. Follow us on Instagram for more ideas!



We choose our nuts carefully and make sure to only use high-quality ones.



Our nuts are packed with a variety of flavors, from sweet to savory.



Our nuts strike the perfect balance between flavorful and refined.



They’re not only delicious—our nuts are also good for your health.